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2T's & ME Monogramming Boutique... Meet the Team

The 2T's & ME Team...


In the "About Us" Section, we introduced you to Molly & Eric. As everyone takes a village to raise a child and since we think of 2Ts & ME Monogramming as our baby...we thought we'd introduce you to the village.

Molly has the embroidery machine, Eric keeps us organized and on the web and Heather makes sure that everything you purchase supports our personality and vision. She researches products, handles marketing and writes the product descriptions. If you start tearing up when you read the description for the "Someone in Heaven" Pillow can thank Heather. If you pee your pants laughing when you read the description of our jute can wraps, again thank Heather and while you're at it...send her your dry cleaning bill! (Her...not 2T's & Me, lol!) I ruined some of my favorite pants, eating and reading her product descriptions during lunch. I spilled chili... I didn't pee... there's none of that going on in the craft room...just so ya know! 

Do you have one of those friends that you LOVE to talk know the one that finds humor in any situation. Well, that's Heather. She's smart, witty and knows how to spell, lol. (That's a real plus in the monogramming business.)  We asked her to write a little bit about herself.

Here's Heather!

“Little known Facts about Me” (or, “Things I Would Tell a Complete Stranger On a Long Bus Ride”)

  1.  I knew I was madly in love and would marry my husband Lawrence when he said, “You know what I love about you?  You know your own mind and you speak it well.”  I would have moved heaven and earth to get a ring from that man because NO other guy had ever admired that about me (read here that all other guys wanted me to just.stop.talking!).
  2.  I have a degree in communications with a minor in Spanish.   I can talk a lot in two languages.  Well, I used to be able to talk a lot in two languages.  Now I can talk a lot in English while I order “mas salsa, por favor” at Mexican restaurants.
  3. I married a giant.  He is 6’7”.  I am 5’3”.  Sometimes when I catch a look at us in a store window I feel like a little girl holding my daddy’s hand.  I tease that he was just too big to throw back once I caught him but the truth is he is a man I can look up to in every way.  At our wedding I used a step stool to stand on when he kissed me.  It had bows on it.
  4. I once invited a couple over for dinner.  A few weeks later I got a call from the girl asking me to accompany her to co-dependent rehab sessions.  Um… What?   Apparently the boy had been busted for cocaine, was sent to rehab and I was their agreed upon choice of support personnel.   Sometimes I still introduce myself by saying, “Hello, my name is Heather.  It’s been 643 days since I have had any idea what on earth I’m doing here!”
  5. God has blessed us with two awesome kids!  Deacon is 7 years old and Phoebe is 4 years old.  They constantly reinforce the idea that with kids the days are long but the years are short.  Their giggles are contagious.
  6. We homeschool our kids.  We read.  A lot.  If you haven’t read books from the authors Bob Shea, Mo Willems and David Wiesner quick!  Put on your monogrammed floppy hat, grab your beach spiker, throw these books in your market tote and find a good place to read! 
  7. We recently moved from Florida to New Jersey.  While the snow is a little daunting I am looking forward to no longer having a white woman’s afro year round.  Naturally curly hair is a gift from God to keep me humble. 
  8. My children watched Shirley’s Temple’s “The Little Rebel” movie this summer with their cousins.  Now they play Confederates and Yankees.  That wasn’t a big problem when we were in Florida but now when they run around in the yard “rounding up the Yankees” …..well, I just hope people think we’re huge Red Sox  fans.
  9. I take my walk with God very seriously.  I just don’t take myself too seriously.  I am constantly thankful that God is gracious to me and that His mercies are new every morning.  I am pretty sure there are days that I test that limit….  Blessings for me that God is limitless!  Why….that would look good on a tote…."Molly!!!....I know what we’re going to do today!"