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Boys' Anchor Monogram Shirt

Ahoy! Your little man will look ship shape in this monogrammed anchor shirt.

And wouldn't it be great to finally think of "poop" in terms of a deck and not one more mess to clean up?


Butterfly Alpha Shirt

What is it about a kid turning five that makes a momma wail, "She's not a baby anymore!!!!!!" But the inevitable happens. The "whole hand" birthday takes place. She's a big girl now! Well, if it must happen, let it happen with a cute shirt!

(We can change the number to accommodate your little cutie! Just tell us the big number in the space below!)


Monogrammed Child's Floppy Hat

These hats are darling!! You can just picture your little princess wearing this hat to church, or a special event or even to the beach to keep her perfect skin in perfect condition. What you don’t have to picture with this hat is the jungle woman hair that lurks below it. I have known friends with daughters to actually try the “recipes” for untangling doll hair on their very own daughters. Such desperation calls for a solution. These hats are the solution! Pull it down over the jungle woman hair and offer her a second piece of cake if she keeps the hat on through the whole party.

Woman's Floppy Hat

Do you ever just need an Audrey Hepburn moment? For some reason that is who I think of when I see these hats. They just look like effortless grace, don’t they? The wide brim that allows you to coyly look around. The monogram lettering telling the world only part of who you are – keeping most of you a mystery. This hat with a pair of big sunglasses and puh-lease! You are not just stylish. You are style itself.

I love these hats!!!