Embroidered Subway Art

These are the ones that are premade. No changes can be made...other than thread colors..

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Adoption– Framed Embroidered Subway Art

I recently read the following saying, "I didn't give you the gift of life, life gave me the gift of you!" Isn't that sweet!!! What a blessing babies are - whether they grew in mommy's heart first or in her tummy. Celebrate a beautiful choice with this lovely embroidery!

This design can also be stitched on a tshirt or canvas tote. If you do not see a listing, please email us at


Hang Your Towel - Framed Embroidered Subway Art

Some things may seem self-explanatory. So obvious that many would not feel the need to explain them. Except for moms. Especially moms of boys. We know that "obvious" becomes a debatable word. It's obvious to them that it is not spitting at someone if you are trying to see if the wind will blow the spit away before it actually hits the person in the crosshairs. Le Sigh.... And so we lovingly stitch words of wisdom and hang them on the walls in the hope that one day our daughters-in-law will thank us for their well-mannered husbands. Buy the print and enjoy a lifetime of love and respect from your daughters-in-law.

Today I am Thankful - Framed Embroidered Wall Art

In the midst of parenting it is hard to imagine life any other way. Although logically you know that one day the kids will leave the house, you begin to make plans for life to always be as it is right at this very moment. "How will he go to college while I am still changing his diaper?" "What royalty is larger than 'king' so we have a bed big enough for all of us? Do they make 'Supreme Emperor' beds and bedding?" But grow they do! Eventually they wipe their own bottoms and wouldn't dream of creeping into your bed. But while you are in the trenches remember this time will pass. Enjoy it! Plus, kids are such a convenient reason to have a messy house. hee hee