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Men's Rain Jacket

No need to sing "rain, rain, go away" when you have this Charles River New Englander rain jacket in your closet! Look how stylish your husband can be as he takes the trash out in the rain, runs the kids to school in the rain, runs to the grocery store for ice cream in the rain. What a good wife you are to make sure your hubby is nice and dry. Take a break, woman! Your work here is done.

This jacket will be shipped or in your hands (if you live local to Wakulla/Tallahassee) the first week of February.


Woods Gym Bag

It’s manly. It grunts, “This is my stuff.” Put his initials on it in bright orange and he might even be able to find it. And put his things in it. Instead of all over your home. Oh, yeah. You need to get him this bag.

Woods Large Duffel Bag

How do you nicely explain to him that while the bag is in a camouflage print, the bag itself is not actually camouflaged? Because you don’t have leaves all over your living room. In fact, you can see the bag. It’s right next to his gym shoes, which, incidentally, should be in the duffel bag not next to the duffel bag. Consider this job security. He’ll never leave you if only because he couldn’t find the keys without asking you first. Smile. He needs you. And when it’s all said and done stray gym shoes aren’t such a big problem.