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Boys' Anchor Monogram Shirt

Ahoy! Your little man will look ship shape in this monogrammed anchor shirt.

And wouldn't it be great to finally think of "poop" in terms of a deck and not one more mess to clean up?


The Chevron Monogrammed Anchor Shirt

Anchors away, matey!!! Don't you wish you were on board a ship somewhere? With polite room stewards and waiters? With lovely ports of call and sumptuous dinners? But not with Doc and Gopher. Let's be honest, even for the 80's those guys were NOT the best looking men available for TV shows. Of course, the good looking guy was on the boat that sank... (goodbye, sweet Leo!). Hmmm...maybe it's safer just to wear the anchor on your shirt and dream of a boat....

Well, you are perfectly safe, and stylish, in this great monogrammed anchor shirt!

This monogrammed anchor is also super cute on bags (go ahead and think "beach" in front of the "bags". It will eventually be summer again!), beach spikers (coming soon!!), and well, sky's the limit!!


The Gymnast Shirt

She's nimble! She's flexible! She certainly runs laps around you and can bend Daddy around her little finger. She is your little gymnast! Celebrate her big day with this cute shirt. She'll do a backflip over it!

The Youth Chevron Monogrammed Anchor Shirt

These shirts are just so cute we had to offer them to the kiddos as well! Can you imagine the whole family decked out in these?! Wouldn't that make the cutest family picture at the beach this summer? I love it!!!

Mostly I just love planning ahead for fun at the beach. It is freezing right now!!! Think warm thoughts! Think warm thoughts!