About 2Ts & ME Monogramming

Based out of Crawfordville, Florida, 2Tsandme.com is an online monogramming boutique dedicated to making your life a little more beautiful! It is our mission to make those very special events in your life...just a little more special! 

I'm Molly, the owner. I have two handsome VERY BUSY boys, Thomas and Tucker. Thomas is 6 1/2 and Tucker is 4.  I'm married to Eric.  We live by mossy oaks in a house that is often full of guests and always full of love.  We also have a chicken coop out back.  Doesn't every boutique?  On any given day I might monogram an elegant wide brimmed hat AND pick fresh eggs off of our trampoline.  That is my life and I love it!

For years,  I had been paying to having things monogrammed and personalized and then one day, my sister gave birth to the most beautiful little girl, AKA my one and only neice. Well...the monogramming list became REALLY long and I decided that I should figure this out myself. So, I bought my first sewing machine which led to my first embroidery machine which led to my first vinyl cutting machine...one year later, I upgraded to a commercial machine. One day, I looked into what was once my play room (poor boys) and realized I had a business...it just didn't have a name.

I played with ideas....none of them seemed right and then I realized...the business is my family out of my home...so 2T's & ME (Thomas, Tucker, Molly and Eric!). I am so excited about this journey! A friend of mine said that I was so serious about all of it that if I ever decided to have a 3rd child, he or she would have to be named Andy and Andrea after the ampersand in the logo. She's probably right!! Haha!!

I am addicted to monogramming! Okay, I'll admit it. When I go out in the rain and I see blank umbrellas...I cringe. When I'm at a birthday party and the birthday girl's dress is a plain solid color...I think, "how sad." No, I'm just joking. I know there's worse problems than not having three initials on your daughter's party dress...but still,  I shudder at the thought!  I mean when you can, why would you not?!  The world needs a little more beauty in it!

I love to make ordinary moments extraordinary. Why have just an "I'm Two!" shirt when you can have one with your favorite character, your name...in your favorite colors...made just for you! My oldest, who is now 4 feet tall, wore the sweetest little newborn onesie home from the hospital. It was a gift from my boss and was brought to me at the hospital.  It was embroidered with his name and a small light blue anchor. I keep it in his closet and I often pull it out to remember how small he was. He was so tiny at only 7 lbs. 6 oz. My sister had a matching one made for my youngest. These two items are gifts I will treasure for a lifetime. They captured the special day perfectly and are more than just "outfits" for babies.


When I decided to "officially" open an online store, it was very important to me that it reflected who I am. Please grab a cup of coffee, take some time to read our product descriptions and blog and get to know us!

I have teamed up with some amazing people to find the perfect items that will fit you and your life to a T.  We would love to be a part of your most special occasions or just to make your everyday life a little more extraordinary!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions and ideas!

Please feel free to contact me anytime at Molly@2tsandme.com!