Monogramming Tips/FAQ

I need some tips for Monogramming!

For a single woman, the monogram should include her first, middle and last initial.  The last name initial is larger than the first name or middle name and the order should be first, LAST, middle. Example: Brooke Elizabeth Hobb would be BHE.

For a married woman, the monogram should include her first, maiden or middle and married initial.  The last name is larger than the first or maiden name initials and the order should be first, LAST, middle.  Example: Molly Tucker Clore would be MCT.

For an engaged or married couple, the monogram should contain the bride's first initial, the married last name of the couple and the groom's first initial.  According to etiquette sources, it is correct to list EITHER the bride's or groom's initial as the first and the other as the last with the surname between.  We most often see the bride listed first. Example: Molly & Eric Clore would be MCE.

For a man, there are a couple of options.  Many people prefer to use the first, middle and last name initials in that order and the letters are all the same size.   Thomas Ralph Clore would be TRC.  However, it is also correct to use a man's surname initial in the middle (we most often see this used for young children), so Thomas Ralph Clore would be TCR.

For a trendier look, try a single initial inside of a circle of dots or a fancy zebra print. Let your monogram show you! Are you more of an interlocking "swirly" type of girl or are you straight lines in a classic circle? This is a form of self describe yourself, girl!!


Bath Towels: First, last, middle for the user. A single initial also looks nice and is a classic choice. Traditionally, couples choose the first letter of their last name for this choice. Children's towels typically have their full first name.

Jewelry: Both first, middle, last and first, last, middle are acceptable combinations. Sometimes you just need a single initial....


Luggage: This is not the place for hard-to-read letters. Have you ever been to LaGuardia Airport? You want to find that bag and GO! Use either the person’s last name or first, middle, last initials–both in block capital letters.


My applique/embroidered shirt is gorgeous! How do I wash it to keep it looking great?

Laundering an embroidered or applique'd item gently will do a lot to help keep it looking nice. Wash in cold water and air-dry if possible. If you like, you can press the embroidered area (with a cloth over the embroidery to protect it) to help smooth it out after washing.    


I have something in mind...but I don't see it on the website. Can you personalize something I have at home or create a design that's not listed on the site?

We sure can!! Email us your idea @


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