Welcome to 2T’s & ME!

You’re here!  You either intentionally meant to come visit, (thank you ever so much!) OR you typed in “all things monogrammed and embroidered and fun!” and here you are!  Either way, get ready to have a unique experience – which in this case is good.  “A unique experience” is NOT good when referring to blind dates or bridesmaid dresses.  That’s just polite speak for “he drank the steak juices off my plate before the waitress took it away” and “the bow that sat right above my bottom was wider than my hips and tilted from side to side as I walked up the aisle”.  Oh, honey!  We have been there!  But there is not here.  No!  Here is a place where you can relax with a cup of coffee, read and shop to your heart’s content. 

Whether you are gifting yourself (which we all need from time to time) or you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone else we are here to help!  From babies to brides or little guys to big men we have something for everyone. 

Welcome to 2T’s and ME Monogramming Boutique!

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